More About Me


With my background in interior design, home flipping and experience in project and business management I'm well poised to help you through a positive and successful process in today's competitive housing market.

As a Seattle transplant who's originally from Los Angeles, I've been proud to call Seattle my home since 2009. In the time since my relocation I've been fortunate to have developed a vast social and professional network that has supplied me with clients from that sphere.

After two decades of a rewarding career in corporate America, plus my experience and education I'm excited to put all those skills into practice and help others achieve their goals through real estate. Home buying can be a daunting experience so I pride myself in my ability to help shoulder and manage the stress for my clients.

Having experienced homelessness as a teenager, I'm grateful to be in a place where owning my home has brought me a feeling of security and financial stability. With a career in real estate, I'm able to help my clients achieve their home and financial goals. Knowing first-hand the importance of community donations I'm proud to donate a portion of my commission to local non-profits who work on eradicating homelessness and food insecurity in the Seattle. In addition to my personal contribution I proudly support the Windermere Foundation along with our office's Community Cares fund that focuses on helping the local community.


  • I work with you to establish practical considerations. 
  • I help you understand the challenges you're up against in today's market. 
  • Prepare you with the resources you'll need to be competitive. 
  • Help you gain the competitive edge when buying or selling your home. 
  • I'll provide consistent and ongoing communication including a clear plan to mitigate the stress and surprises that come with real estate transactions. 

I’m proud to provide you with authentic, honest and meaningful work to help you achieve your goals. I look forward to helping you with all your real estate needs.